sunrise shines light on the green new deal

Wes students and faculty  had a chance to learn more about the Green New Deal at a Town Hall event here on campus last night–one of hundreds of events being organized across the country by Sunrise Movement, cofounded by COE alum Evan Weber ‘13. Last night’s event, organized on campus by WesDivest and Wesleyan Climate Action Group and cosponsored by the COE, featured Sunrise Movement rep Lauren Maunus, a senior at Brown University studying environmental science with a focus in environment and inequality. Lauren serves on the leadership team of the Energize RI Coalition and the RI Green New Deal Research Council, and helped start the Sunrise RI hub. (Photos by Laurie Kenney)

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parker committed to breaking down communication barriers in environmental journalism

Meaghan Parker, executive director, Society of Environmental Journalists.

Meaghan Parker, executive director of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), visited Wesleyan University earlier this month to present “Talking about the Weather: Communicating Complexity in the Era of Climate Change,” an event sponsored by the College of the Environment. As a previous editor at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Parker’s work has a strong focus on actionable ideas that can realistically be implemented in journalism and education. Her talk emphasized the roles that journalists play in environmental education, from raising awareness to holding politicians accountable, and how journalists can be more effective at communicating the intricacies of the environmental movement, current events, and the subtle relationships they often have with each other.

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